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There are quite a few concepts in Mathematics where a few options could be true, and only one is, and you go and try to find why and the answer is “because Mathematicians prefer it that way”. Like zero to the power of zero. There are a few, but i’m on the phone so i wont go wikipeding.

Deep down, what it is is: That’s what’s on the manual. The neolythic shamans who invented Mathematics were dreaming of calculators and we only now realise it so.

We take for true (the experiential nature of truth) that what we can’t change. Truth is everything that a subject can’t affect. And Mathematics seems like the ultimate thing beyond changing. 1+1 will not stop being 2 no fscking matter what. That is so because Mathematics is everything we can put on a calculator and if you change a calculator you break it.

Of course, if Mathematics is anything you can put in a calculator, then why can’t you make a calculator that does 2+2 = 5? And you can, but then you don’t know what 5-3 is.

In other words, it is not so much that you can’t change Mathematics, but that Mathematics have a panic() routine you call when something funny happens. Of course you can trap that function for all manner of fun and profit. 1+1 is 10 in binary, not 2! Of course, panic() does not correct errors, so in a very important sense it is not so much that Mathematics doesn’t change but that it refuses change.

Mathematics is just anything you can put in a calculator, the weird thing is how someone could invent it before they invented the calculator. That should be a trippy couple neolythic shamans.


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