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You called me “Dono da Verdade”, brazilian portuguese expression for someone who can’t accept anyone else to be right. Well, i am. You are, too. “Truth” is a simplistic word for personal perspective, so being a person entails having your own truth.

That i’m straightforward about it is not a problem. Your blindness to your own biases is no virtue either — and it might cause problems.

Maybe you were expecting me to be all loving and caring before i say anything. In that it is you who is unnaccepting. This “non-violent communication” thing is a different name for being eufemistic — and pusilanimous.

Yes, pusilanimous. Because if you can’t hear a few though words, than you can’t be an adult! (My words, by the way, were not really any harsh whatsoever, and your frailty is becoming a liability — stop being the damsel in distress™, for chrity’s sake!)

Can’t you really see the irony? You claim to champion feminism, a doctrine that asks us to treat women as adults, and you complain when i do so to you.

Besides, if you can read me endorsing rape in the phrase “But isn’t rape a crime already?” than you are not in good faith!

Indeed, your lack of respect for me, and actually for your fellow human being, is glaring. I am not shaken because you destroyed my chauvinistic views (even more so because i have fewer of those than you do). I am shaken because of the utter disrespect you had for me, for my experiences, for my opinions. You were cruel and mean. You did not ever give me the benefit of the doubt. You assumed everything i said to have the worst possible meaning — or worse than possible, given grammar.

And all of it while you accused me of “patriarchic way of speaking”.

It’s not even pathetic, it is just plain evil.

Like when you said that male rape in the case of prision inmates does not matter because they are “bad people”. That was so absurd i actually waited for you to realize the monstruous thing you had said, but you never did! So a criminal deserves to be raped, is that it?

Not to say, a fat percentage of female rapes do occur to poor girls, do they deserve it because they live in the favela?

Nay, your so called “feminist” talk is a disgrace to feminism. Maybe that’s why

But, really, even taking you for a feminazi is giving you too much credit. Your disrespect is just plain inhuman. That kind of person just deserves no answer. And that is why i’m venting my hurt in a blog no one reads.



  1. I don’t like the word “feminazi”. Other than that I have no idea whom you’re talking about.

  2. Mimimi feminazi stole my ice cream, but im Nice Guy.

  3. Indeed, that was a petty, stupid, conceited, egotistical reply to someone that pissed all over me. Maybe it shouldn’t be here. The blog had been forgotten and gathering dust for so long that i just came over and, to use a Portuguese turn of language, cried my sorrows over here. Sorry about that, but not really that sorry.

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