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Last post was the 500th of this blog. An old sports magazine had a cartoon of a cat saying that reaching 500 issues was easy, he dared them get to 5000. Because years back the same cat had said 50 was easy. Actually i was supposed to write something about all this on post 500 proper, but i got sidetracked, and i confused the day the rant about presence was supposed to air, which is ok since that text is exceedingly decent to my usual standard, therefore here we are, a 501st post called 500 is easy. Which is not particularly easy, it turns out.

The plan was a very bland, composed, politically correct, presence-managed, and easily readable announcement that thet Temporary Referential fanzine had reached number five and was finally available in good revised PDFs and also collected in a fabulous comemorative pack (costing all of 5 dinheiros).

But then a fabulous dirty-faced girl told me she was in crisis with her blog, that she had been writing for the wrong people, and you know it kinda got me thinking… So, while i do think, i’ll just leave it like that.

Also: If you do have some of the zines but not all, you can go print them, but you can also SEND ME AN EMAIL (the address is down here somewhere) telling me exactly which ones you lack.

Now excuse me, i’ll check out Fernando Gonsales as he premieres Vostradeis, an old favourite of mine. Till
next time.


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