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I know i did just come up with another explanation for it, but consistency is the hallmark of etc. Anyway, i was reading one of those things from hckrnews and this quote:

Software development obeys the laws of entropy, like any other process. Continuous change leads to software rot, which erodes the conceptual integrity of the original design. Software rot is unavoidable, but programmers who fail to take conceptual integrity into consideration create software that rots so so fast that it becomes worthless before it is even completed. Entropic failure of conceptual integrity is probably the most common reason for software project failure. (The second most common reason is delivering something other than what the customer wanted.) Software rot slows down progress exponentially, so many projects face exploding timelines and budgets before they are mercifully killed.

sparked the conjecture:

Worse is better protects from bit-rot/entropy.

As in it avoids uncool complete code, that must be there but no one would really trigger or read. As it tends to keep each piece of code small and hardy.

But maybe not.

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