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The process of marketing penalizes naivete. In other words, wishful thinking does not work well when your actions are subject to the kind of multi-lateral vote-with-your-wallet judgement present in a bazaar-like environment.

For example making something that is neighbourhood-friendly and expecting everyone to buy just because of that, even though it is expensive. Or Ford refusing to fancy-painting his cars because colour is not important. But this is extremely different from most of the moral fables about The Will of the Market®, which tend to equate business dynamics with a special kind of complete automatic fairness and dependability.

Lack of naivete is no guarantee of success. Of course, lack of naivete helps one to succeed, but it is at best one ingredient in a complex recipe (and at worst just unrelated). Indeed, that Neocon people would even conceive of this automatism just shows how much day-dreaming there is into their thinking too.

Penalizing naivete also means you get locked into a prisoner’s game where the basic fact of life is caveat emptor. This means no one is to blame for anything, since everyone is guilty by default. This means the market has a Nash equilibrium, and at economic growth times this point allows for everyone in society to get by reasonably decently. All of this, of course, are just tendencies which quite often go astray, for countless reasons.

But at some point the standard ideology just took this abstract picture as a norm. And then market dynamics became the moral right in our society. But this is nuts.

Not only because it is bad science, not only because it depends on infinite fuel which we lack, not only because it disrespects human sensibility and hope. More than all, it is bad history, since this market which is believed to be natural is actually a very direct and wilful construction by very concrete and biased people (mostly the British and the Company). They created the market to foster this kind of dynamic because it was useful at that particular time, and we have assumed it must be useful at all times. But this is faulty assumption.

So much so that is has not worked out. As in the world is a mess.

Recently cracked had an article about things rich people should stop saying. It shows how enormously stupid the ideology can get. It shows that what can be taken for granted, this moral fable of how the market will make everyone happy ever after, is simply wrong, and also at times outrageously wrong.

The worship of the Market is surprisingly effective at the creation of BS, it seems.


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