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In all dualities we want to go to one side (that is, MIND, and the release from inertia and the enhancement of freedom), but the means to do it always seem to lie exactly in the side that negates it (that is BODY, and the power of presence and of being concretely real). In the end, we want more MIND in order to get more BODY. But every time we go in this direction we get farther and farther from what we want, exactly as we are getting nearer.

In fact, we try to go to a third world, a third point beyond the dichotomy, and it becomes an impossible goal which we can’t stop following.

[world 1 = BODY] >> [world 2 = MIND] >> [world 3 = TRUTH]

This third shade, this World-3, is not less direct than World-1, nor less real, it is just different. But contrary to World-1, you can never tackle it quantitatively. It is never possible to brute-force World-3, neither with muscle, nor money, nor spam. Thus, BODY-through-MIND is always difficult.

Inside this game, BODY has a monopoly over presence, though it is the game itself that precludes presence to MIND. Maybe this is the essence of the game. But it is exactly BY doing so that the game creates the different kind of presence in World-3. This presence, which is both Presence of the Name for Judaism and Actualized Revolution for Marx, is exactly the impossible goal we can’t stop following: Not 1-Presence, but 3-Presencifying.

Endless self-proclaimed “Back-to-the-Real” movements (the passion for Romanticism, the purposeful getting lost of Post-Modernism, the blind trance of charismatic churches, the Darwin-worship of Militant Atheism, the citation-count obsession of late Academia, the show-me-the-money attitude of Markethink™, the simple-truth of transhumanism), these returns, as they try to switch the direction World-1 ← World-2, and since they can’t, inevitable get trapped in World-2. Deprived of first presence, denying third presencifying, they get lost into deaf debate. Using cosmovision as their tool, they get numb to the deformations this tool causes in their hands. Confirmation bias never ever reveals the vast similarities they share with their enemies (and self-proclaimed returns never lack an enemy).

Reaching for an (impossible) third shade of the world through an (immaterial) shade is the very essence of the BODY|MIND dilemma. It is eerily ingrained in today’s societies. In the left and right which always end up resembling each other. In charismatic religion that wants to free people using dogma. In the many wars to end war. In the consumption that makes people hungry.

More than simple historical troubles, i say it is this conflicted dualism that creates modern angst, the generalized feeling of powerlessness. I contend it is not a lack of means or rights that afflicts us, but the essential impossibility of our desirabilities (as opposed to desires).

We can never see that our goal is impossible, because World-3 must be a return to World-1 but it also must be completely dissociated from the body. There must remain no physical, bodily, personal trace in TRUTH, but nevertheless truth must be equal to body, the ideas must contain the same we are supposed to be living. The distilling of body should, exactly when embodiment is totally averted, produce body again, in a kind of transcendental circle. That is exactly what Derrida calls “Presence” with the big P. And that is also exactly why Popperians are completely unable to accept relativism, since they feel (while they don’t know it) that embracing contingency is akin to letting go of everything they hold most sacred. Thus they hold too tight. And thus the 3 world fairy tale is impossible to shake!

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