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Saul never thought of himself as the big shot. He was not sports hero, he was not math wiz. He was barely average at even what he did best. but he was not terrible at anything either. That is how it ended up that Saul had a most unique pair of beliefs. He thought he was not special. Contrary to most everyone else in that pocket universe, he wasn’t constantly seeking more and more, because he pretty much figured out he was lucky enough as it was. He didn’t feel underpaid, nor underloved, nor underrespected, nor undersexed. Saul was satisfied. But by and of itself, this didn’t make him unique, there were a few like that. The truly unmatched thing about Saul’s beliefs was that, unlike all the other people who played the underdog, Saul really thought his way of seeing things could help people. Of course his one or two attempts at suggesting were taken as attempts to out-smart others, so he quickly learned to keep opinions to himself. But still… Still, he knew how to solve those problems everyone seems to complain about all the time.


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