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Ada Lovelace Day is all about celebrating great woman scientists. About the role models that inspire us into being all we can be. About ladies that not only kick ass, but do so with their amazing brains!

This year i want to pay homage to my aunt:

Jussara Rocha Ferreira

Jussara is an extremely competent scientist and she groks all that anatomy thing inside out. She began her studies as a veterinarian, but by now i believe she can tackle anatomy from any possible angle. And of course she’s got an impressive curriculum. But there is something more important.

I want to pay homage to Jussara today because of the attitude she taught me about science and research. For her, it was never just a job, or more to the point she showed me that research involved some administrative red-tape, but that it was much more than that. She showed me how science could be an enterprise of the brain, how it could be your very own adventure of understanding the world, how thinking made you free. She showed me how excelling at your thinking was a pathway for your own happiness. How being hard and demanding was not a matter of passing an exam, but a matter of pushing yourself harder and farther.

Maybe this will come as a surprise to her. Because she never really said any of this to me, explicitly. But her greatness just gets to you. I am very sure that she was an inspiration for very many of her students.


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