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Politics derail into politricks all too often and all too easily, and there is a reason for it being so, as there is a reason for the transcendent being hard to grasp.

The more important things are not problems to solve or goals to achieve or values to withold. There are stones in a path, and there is an end in a path, and there is the path itself, but the walking exists only as sensitive feet nimbly step wide.

As much as each and everyone of us must search his own truth, must learn to rely on herself, must become whatever she is, so must the group of all of us outgrow itself and mature and become ever more aware. In time, seeing the process through the lens of time, this is continuity. Survival. It is to be here now and to be here in the long long future. As our body continuously changes and continuously remains the same, in what’s called homeostasis, so does our collective body change continuously and remais the same, and i’ll call it homeosociostasis.

As a mark, as an orientation point, as scaffolding to see and think and invite criticism, as a bet upon the future, as an act of curiosity for you, as an improvisation, as a request for hope, as a place where i would like my own child to live, as a flirting with the brilliant idealistic souls i would like to date and touch, as a sieve that prevents dumb noise and silly noise, as a word against silence, as a bait, as a dream, as a waking, i put forward this little manifesto-manifestation:

  1. urban, with intense energy use, to piss off ecologists
  2. explicitly politic (and secretly paramilitary), to screw the third way
  3. colectivist and minimalist, to effectively curtail the market
  4. exclusivist and elitist, to displease leftists
  5. our very own sport, so we can say all the others are stupid
  6. technology instead of science, for scientists are dumb platonists
  7. consensus-based decision making, humiliating anyone who does not hate democracy
  8. one decisory council, to irk anarchists
  9. constant state of party, to mock the serious crowd
  10. pan-religious, as in everything is sacred, which is to say churches are for fools
  11. threat of ban, to get rid of attention-whores

Hard and scary. Umpredictable. Challenging.


And strong. And beautiful.


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