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«Taken for granted» is one of these English expressions that is very unique, kind of easy to translate word-for-word, but difficult to convey.

It has a mildly negative connotation that is very fuzzy and slippery when you try to say the same thing in other languages. Any way, it is not a good thing and most of all it is not something you should do to a person, to a human being — and therefore here I come to tell the world:

I don’t want to be taken for granted!

Would i prefer to be rich than poor? Maybe, maybe not. If you have to know, or if you are judging me based on such criteria, why don’t you ask me? Would I like to be an important person? Do I want to be shown respect by others? Maybe. Ask me. Would i like to travel around the world? Or to know Europe? Or NY? Ask me, it just might be the case that i don’t care about these stuff. Do i consider it good to have as much sex as possible, with as many partners as possible, with girls as beautiful as possible? If you care to know if i do, why not ask me? Do i want to have a big house? Maybe. Do i want to have a car? Maybe. Do i want to have anything at all? Maybe. Do i want to do anything? Do i want to be anything? Maybe.

But, sincerely, how could you know any of those things without getting some information somewhere?

It’s not that i dislike people guessing things about me, it is not even that i don’t allow people to be mistaken about me. It’s just… please don’t act all disappointed when I fail to fulfil a promise i never actually made. Don’t think that i have an obligation to restrict myself to your expectations. Do not assume what you should negotiate.


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