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I find it almost impossible to discuss anything social (as in, anything that goes an inch beyond personalistic issues) with almost everyone because almost everyone holds an assumption that i think is not only wrong, but moronic wrong. So wrong it is stupid. The assumption is that money is the source of all things.

You can phrase it anyway you like, it still goes totally against any primary grade knowledge of economics. Money is a symbol. It is useless by definition, as in if it had a use the swings in that use would render it a bad means for exchange. So money is exchange, but it is also exchange in time, something you want to trade for something else at some other time. So, to be precise, money is savings.

Again, all of the above is the most basic economics. There’s nothing complicated or advanced there, simply because i know almost no economy at all. But the above leads to the obvious conclusion that money is not a source of anything, it is only a form of storage.

A descriptive metaphor would be: Money is like batteries, but the electric charge must come from somewhere else.

So, keep this in mind: Money is a battery. And try to figure out where the electricity comes from.

My own personal conviction about this one comes from a book that i can’t name, as i don’t want to provide an answer here, i just want to point the question.

Now if money is just storage and everyone thinks of it as a source, what you get is much akin to an addict, who has a craving need but no purpose. He’s got a real deep passion for something, but this passion instead of taking him up, making him a bigger better person, instead burrows him in dirt.

There is another problem with the battery thing. Generators are rated by their output current, and batteries by their charge amount. More precisely, a battery has a given amount of charge that you can use fast or slow, as opposed to having a given flow of energy that you use constantly. This means you can blow it all in one big bang and be left with nothing. Again very much like a drug.

{As a precaution notice i must admit most everything i know about batteries comes from GURPS Mecha, which means all of that talk is to be taken strictly as metaphor!}

Confusing money for a source we, as a culture, have lost the feeling of rates of charge, of a constant flow underlying our lives and our ways-of-living. Of course we havent totally lost it, since our hunger works like a generator and not as a battery, but we have, more and more, been stressing the uses of energy that are intensive and not flowing. That is why for example the archetypal “good company” nowadays is the “innovative” one. Instead of one group of people who make something good and will keep doing it, you want someone who had a great idea. And then you get another idea, and another. And none of it would make any sense at all — because you want to live, you want to keep on living, and changing rules is besides the point, it is a neat trick and all, but it is not life — none of it would make any sense if we were not poisoned by the battery idea of money.

I don’t mean i know how money works, but it certainly does not work how everyone seems to believe it does.

And i don’t mean money is worthless, but it certainly can’t give people what they expect from money.


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