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I do change my passwords fairly often. I do have a defence doctrine of sorts and, albeit i can not claim it to be sophisticated or safe, at least i gave some thought to the whole issue of information security. My belief is that it will become more and more important to do so as time goes by, and that if you don’t do it pre-emptively you are begging to learn the hard way, that is, by being a victim of an attack.

Whatever. That is not what i come to tell you today.

I want to tell you about the impression that discipline, like for example the discipline of changing passwords every n or m days, is a form of prison. From that feeling, that notion, that idea, from that comes a host of weird untenable prejudices that leave us at yet another dichotomy. Meh. Capital Meh.

In arguing against my discipline of password-changing, a friend expressed the following thought: If i was to stop changing my passwords, i would soon find out the whole thing didn’t help me, so i would slowly but surely abandon other precautions like varying the routes to go places and so on, until i finally realised discipline was useless and abandoning it i was setting myself free.

Freedom from laziness. What an idea! R. probably did not really say it like that, and you could safely assume almost everything here to come exclusively from my old deranged head, but no problem, i am talking about a trend here, something a load of people think and believe even though they do not have a name for it or a clear structured well-defined system of ideas behind it all. What i want to dissect is more like a blurred feeling than an agenda, something like an assumption whose expiration went unnoticed. I am talking about the detractors of the detractors of sensibility.

The feeling, in my words, is that “being yourself” is an unruly radical and totally spontaneous force in and of itself.

That we have some kind of «nature» that surfaces whenever we are not being curtailed by law or reason or discipline or money or society (or any one of a series of straw-men). This feeling, obviously, prompts one to seek lost innocence, which obviously leads you to impossibility, so you must find some compromise. You have to find middle-ground.

And the same dynamic establishes itself again and again, be it reason against emotion, logic against sensibility, semiotics against imaginary, and so on and so forth.

Life is pure and vibrant and it hides just behind our vain ways. Believe that, and you became and dichotomy yourself.

The real big problem, what pains me about it all, is that it is almost a solution to a real problem, it is almost an ideal worth fighting for, but this almost-ness happens to be such that it actually clouds us from seeing the real ideal we got so close to. Because we are trying to fight for something worthwhile, we lose this something.

More to the point, because of this longing-4-spontaneity we fail to recognize how our own biases trap us. But this longing was exactly an attempt to flee the constraint of biases. We end up with an resistance ideology when we in fact need a escape ideology. We need to move away (from our assumptions) but, as we prepare for a fight against (something-that-is-not-nature) we end up encroaching, entrenching, and finally trapping ourselves all over again.

Post-modernism lost itself at this. Sad but true.

And a bunch of my friends are speeding up into the same lane. I just wish i could convince them. But that would be against nature.

{PS.: Before you tell me i am saying in a very complicated way something that is very simple, just be thankful it is not Derrida. But, no, seriously, that is probably the one most difficult thing to say. Because in a way it is all about the unspeakable.}


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