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{Note: i’m out of net these days, all my writing will be at cafés, and this means i wont be writing all that much, which pains me since i was having an upsurge in my access counts, but le sigh…}

If you believe in love you are disrespectful of your fellow human being.

The thing is that what N person feels for you is very different from what M person does, which is different from P or Q and so on and so on. If you can’t see just how different, it means you have not been paying much attention to any of them. And have i mentioned those are people very much into you? If you can’t pay a modicum of attention to those, this means you don’t mind seeing other people suffer. This might come from not seeing them as full human beings, or from disrespect for the awareness of being alive (which by the way probably means you are not very much aware yourself…), or from… Who knows?

People are complicated. Very. And those simple, straightforward categories like «love», «egoism», «goodness» and so on are just too simplistic to be used with humans. Or dolphins for that matter.


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