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I want to be strong. I want to be the one who stands when all the shit hits the fan, the one who can still say to be calm and to wait for the opportunity to make things better. I want to be a person that rises and overcomes.

I have been beaten down, and it was hard, and i do fall down some times. I have just. But i am getting over it. I am getting over it fast.

I choose to be strong. That is not the way things are, it is a decision and an effort. It is something you take responsibility for.

Because if someone forces you to choose between you and him, if you don’t chose yourself, if you don’t kill what tries to kill you, then you are sick. And if you are sick you are grinding me down. And there is no Positivist-Enlightenment-Reason-Über-Alles in any of that, it’s only the most basal pull to live.

I want to be strong. And i will.


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