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How would you like me to punch you? Not a lot, am i right?

And how about i cut your hand off? Worse, right?

Now what if i anesthezise you and then cut your hand off? Suppose you feel no pain at all. Is it Oll Korrekt? Not, right?

This is important. You must understand violence is not pain. You must understand it, because you need to get better at using violence, and the highest form of violence is completely different from pain: Ontologic Violence.

Take it one level higher: What if i had taken your hand off before you were born? If you didn’t even know how it was to have two of them? Some people think this is much better than cutting it off live, but this is a serious deep mistake.

Some venons paralize their victims so they can’t react. Some animals inject these kinds of venom and then proceed to eat the prey alive. Eating alive seems harsh, but: The damage was already done when the venom was injected. And if you wanted to remain alive you ought to avoid the venom and not being eaten. If you could for example cut your own hand off to avoid being eaten, this would be a form of defense.

Now imagine there was a poison that made you unable to see me. After being poisoned, i could kill you whenever i pleased. This poison is so good i could indeed eat parts of you and wait for them to grow back again and just keep on eating you for as long as i please.

I can direct violence against your body, but this is not the worst kind of violence. The worst kind is violence against your own being.

That is what’s so important in thinking. Thinking is not about truth, thinking is about ontologic violence.

It sounds dumb, at first, this idea. I know something you don’t. Who cares? I know chemistry. Good for you. But how about: I know how to make LSD? That’s much more powerful. I can already get myself laid with that — since drugs are one of the last ways to prove bravery on our domesticated lives. But the best one is i know how to make a substance that makes me invisible to you.

The ultimate form of violence is: My being goes over and beyond yours. Very few can do it. That is why arguments sound hollow. They sound pointless. Because mostly the people arguing have the same level of thinking so they just try to punch and never punch. They never actually go beyond the other person’s being.

But Ontologic Violence is exactly that.

I have already told you too much. So much that you probably don’t even know how to use all of this. You don’t know how to turn this piece of thinking into Ontologic Violence. But you must learn. Now. Because that is my design for you.

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