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The single most constant complaint i heard about politics is that people are apathetic. The idea being that people do not get involved enough, that they do not fight enough for politics. That they don’t care. Supposedly, if everyone was fighting for some political goals everyone would be happy. But they wouldn’t. Without apathy you don’t get good politics, without apathy you get lobbying.

I suppose, or at least i hope, that we could find a better way to manage politics, such that lobbying wasn’t the best you can get.

I would venture that a good first measure would be to rethink this whole ideology. Not because ideology is the problem, but because through shattering ideology we can try to see things clearly. I’m thinking in breaking the lies not to reveal the truth, but just to find out why those lies had so much power over us.

So. The whole issue with apathy, it seems, comes from the idea of representation. This means that politicians have no power, that they somehow channel everyone’s power.

That is why if anything goes wrong you can blame it on the people, who were apathetic, who failed to make their voices heard. But if you stop to think about it, channelling the power of a whole population can be no easy matter. I mean, as much Web 2.0 talk you hear these days, the very fact is that collaboration is never easy. Mostly, what the technology did was allow people with similar interests to get together with more ease. It is never a transparent expression of power.

Politics without representation is not unequal politics. It is just politics where equality is not taken for granted. Equality does not rise out of some magical democracy, it has to be created. It is a MO.


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