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If one year ago you told me, i wouldn’t believe, but it came to pass. The elections did affect my life — to the worst, as it was impossible to be otherwise. One thing i had been always proud of was the general lack of interest my peers took in politics, which i used to read as a healthy scepticism (there’s something to that effect in the blog somewhere), it has been proven wrong, and we are just as subject to hate mongering as everyone else.

Serra lost. How could he not? In fact, i simply cannot believe that he didn’t know it even before he became a candidate. That he did become one was just a dog-eat-dog policy, he just had to show that, despite PSDB not being the loudest voice in Brazil, that he was still on top of the party. All fair and dandy (i mean, it sucks but it is supposed to). But instead of going down quietly, he chose to go down with a bang. So: Hate-mongering politics.

And amidst the hate mongering i suffered personal attacks. The level of bitterness and disrespect we witnessed was staggering. The worst elections we had in long — and that was consensual.

My voting papers are still assigned to a city i havent visited in a long time, so my vote was not cast, but it should be no secret that i favoured Dilma. I am thrilled that we have a woman for president, and a woman whose butts and tits are not her main source of interest. But i really don’t think she is an awesome candidate. Bear with me, i think she is extremelly competent, and definitely able to manage the country. But she is not a leader. And by that i mean she is not someone to command blind faith out of her followers.

And that is aknowledged. In fact, i would venture to say that this is the very reason we had her as candidate. It says: “PT is not here to be the top dog, we just want to do a good job”. Dilma Roussef has what is termed inside PT a “technical profile” as opposed to a “political” one. This busts the old and tired motto of all brazilian right-wingers that the left is not “prepared to govern”. It flies in the face of Serra’s pose as “Cacique” {tribal chief}, of his badly concealed thirst for power.

This is also a State that shies away from being royalty, from providing a role model to society. And even if i am very enthusiastic about the whole “technical government” thing, i can’t say i really like the cowardice of not accepting the role of role-model.

Now, since i got that out of the way: How it was sour to live through this election.

A big fat part of the campaigns was based on raising passions. Obviously elections are not about “rational choice” of the “best candidate”. They aren’t, they never were, and they are not supposed to be. Elections are about power.

Fear is a very basal instinct and it can be easily manipulated. So it was raised to oppose the re-election. That is how i had to hear that “if Dilma wins Brazil could turn into a Venezuela”. I am sorry, but i am prejudiced against dumbness. Hearing that stuff from people i used to have a high regard for hurts! It steals away my hope for humanity. (You know who you are).

And, as might be deprehended from my regard for political disinterest, none of that matters. I agree with Serra’s attitude that winning elections and ruling are two different things, and by the way so does the voting body as a whole — nobody believes his faith.

I also have absolutely no fears that someone believing Dilma to be Chavez makes any difference.

But Serra won. Serra won in that he managed to stress politics as usual, he managed to position Dilma in such a way that her game is the same Esplanada’s game of always. The music keeps playing. He won in that he kept a political structure that ultimately benefits him a lot.

Fear not i’m a rainbowwarrior on everything beaming. Which is to say: That was just another step in a long long path.

But we should be better than that.

PS.: don’t even get me started about Marina. Moralism writ large.

As always, the Doc got there first… Oh, man, i wish i knew what to do about that.

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