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From Palpatine’s point of view, the Dark Side is Good™ and everything else is The Other. From every single individual perspective what the self wants is not preference, it is righteousness. Everyone believes to be on the Light Side — and more importantly, there is a tendency to see whatever is different from self as enemy.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see bad things, and rivalries, but every single time there is another perspective whereby bad is good. In fact, there are also perspectives where neither matters. And to be bad (or good) isn’t such a bad thing that one can’t bear it. So if i’m bad, in your perspective, so what?

The problem is, there is in our brains a switch that will turn when it sees «enemy» and not allow you to meet those people. If that switch turns, you are trapped, in a way.

You are, to the best of your capabilities, trapping your enemy, but you do that through a constraining of your own actions. Ergo, trapped. Not always a bad thing, sure, as in your foot is trapped inside your shoes, but: Your enemy can always rise to meet your capabilities, but how could you rise against your own act?

A huge chunk of our modus cogitandi , of our habits of thought, is based on classifications. Thus we are, all the time, creating teams. Some times we do that in ways that do not trigger the »enemy switch«, but nevertheless every single classification is a possible trap into it. The risk of putting things on the Dark Side is always present.

And, to make it worse, the less it seems that we are taking others as enemies, the less aware we become of the possibility. In other words, we can not know whether we are not doing it or just fooling ourselves that we didn’t.

Thus, no one wants to be Dark Side.

Even people that feel guilty are internally justified — they are making a choice that they might know is risky, and latter they might regret the outcome, but at the moment of the choice they were trying to be Light Side.

And people that do specifically set out to “be evil™” are usually clear cases that recognize that they are trapped into a dualistic moralistic condition, in such a way that they are forced to act the role of villain, but recognize a greater context that justifies it. Like “I’m being evil but I have to survive”, where survival == life == good. (There are more difficult examples, but the case stands).

So everyone wants to be Light Side. Every single time “it is to blame on …” it is not and we are forgetting it. Every single time we exclude someone from consideration because they believe something that is wrong, or we “take the high road” and go about our ways doing things not everyone is good enough to, every single time we do this kind (and similar) of thing we must remember ourselves: “Nobody wants to be Dark Side”.

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