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That the current answer is wrong does not mean that some other contrary is right.

If you pay enough attention to the world, you’ll see all kinds of action and discourse that purport to be self-motivated and critical, but are actually just driven by a gut feeling that «this is wrong!».

So you see people supporting post-modernism just because they are displeased with the last exhibit they saw — even though you see that exhibit wasn’t really modernist at all. Or anti-academia choruses that simply can’t see that their criticism does not create any change, in any level, despite being as rabid as possible. The left criticising the right, the right criticising the left. Reason against emotion, no matter which side are you on. Economy against society. Market against morality, ad nauseam.

Let me get a go at that last one, just to exemplify my disbelief.

Long time ago when i still listened to morons, there was this fool that had just a letter instead of a full surname. He was a sucker for attention, so he loved bombastic claims. So he said something to the effect that no matter how well-researched a given design was, what mattered was how much it sold. In his case maybe this meant stop designing and come kiss my ass some more — well, yes, probably everything he ever said meant just that. But what i am trying to show is how this type of claim shows much more a kind of displease with current circumstances than real faith in market forces (or whatever it is that the person is glorifying).

What i mean is: If you show him a piece of shit that sold a lot, he wouldn’t really love it. He would have to try, at first, to say that it is not really so shitty, that you just can’t see what’s good about it. He will go for that just to save face, and that is the first way to manipulate him.

The second, more subtle and yet more devastating, is to provide him with another opposition to current affairs.

The losing move is to try to contextualize his championed alternative, as the alternative is useless to him except as oppositon.

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