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All castles are made of sand, and coming the tide all of them will melt. And still, it is beautiful to make sand castles.

All the serious people, with their big businesses, and shiny cars and all that stuff that means “look I’m successfull”, they too are making sand castles. And they too will be swept away. But they lie and say that theirs is the real thing, the metal or stone or the raspberry branch. And it is all just an illusion. But still, even with lies, it is beautiful to make sand castles. Because sometimes the illusion is necessary.

For the longest time it bothered me that they where building sand castles, because i thought that they were fooling themselves. I thought their illusion could only make hurt. And maybe it does.

But today i found a secret. Even if it is an illusion, sometimes the illusion is necessary. It is allright that they make sand castles, we will make ours too, and we know that it is a play, a child’s play in a way. We know our castles will melt and our plans will not really really work, but we are playing. And if the serious people did know the same, it would be good to them, and maybe some of them even do know and use it as a secret weapon, and others get angry and mad when we try to say it, but even then it is all right.

For a time, i tried not to make sand castles. what i really wnated was to avoid making false promises. Because i fear that most of the hurt in our world comes not from bad things themselves, but instead mostly from good things that were promised but never fullfilled. I did hurt a lot in that way. And lerning not to was a bit painful too, for i was very alone in realising that, at first. But now i see that trying not to make sand castles is, in itself, a bit, another promise that will be swept away, and if that is a problem without a solution, i should at least allow myself to be beautiful while being a fool.

Or maybe making a weird incomprehensible mix of seriousness and jokes and brilliance and madness.

That is, maybe, a way to say thank you to the unbelievable André Abujanra, i saw his show today and that’s where i got to know that secret.

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