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When you go to Three Gorges Dam, or to the Uyuni Flats, or to the Alps, or to any place that is simply awesome beyond arguments, you trick your own awareness into a sort of unordinary mode, where your eyes are just more open, your noses smell more, you are just slurpying all of the ambient as much as you can. But the fact remains that if you were to live there, you would take it all for granted. The locals find it boring, you see in their eyes, and they also find you a little funny between the ears for being so flabergasted. The real true deep contact with amazing, then, is to actually be bored by it. Or more to the point, it is maintaining that total openness to experience when faced with a totally boring surrounding.

The best trip is not the one to the most astounding place, but instead to a place equally as hard to find, the place that is utterly ordinary, where not even a leaf of grass has any curious or shiny or loud or amazing property. There your senses are clear not only from familiarity, but also from unfamiliarity.

Problem is, while this place is as hard to find as the astounding, it is infinitely harder to recognize once you reach it — thus, i’m sorry to say, most of the very few fortunate enough to reach it have completely missed it too.

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