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One year ago, when i was at the Tango City HI in lovely Buenos Aires, there was this gorgeous blonde girl…

Buenos Aires is literally packed with beautiful women, but even amidst the fierce competition that one girl just kept on capturing my eyes. I remenber trying to guess where she was from…

Anyway, one day i went down to breakfast and she was already there, at a tall table with a girlfriend. I sat at the table next to them, on purpose but trying not to look too obvious. And as i was having my dulce de leche with bread, i overheard the friend say: ‘Maybe you should just ask him’.

A few days latter, she was at the computer, and i needed to know the time, and there was no clock available, so i asked her to look in the taskbar. And she, in turn, just miraculously turned that into a conversation.

Her name was Natalie, the friend Sarah. Together with a friend of mine, the four of us had the best steak ever, and talked a lot, and just generally had great Buenos Aires adventures.

Much much latter, i came to realize that i have been more assertive with girls, that i have been more playful, and willing to guess that they fancy me. Lately i have been able to drop my immense shyness.

And i have this theory that small experiences build our sense of ourselves, and how we feel in the world, and that some small wins can be our way to create our own freedom and stuff.

So, maybe, the ‘him’ she should just ask was me. Just as likely not, really. And as ‘us’ never turned out to happen, maybe it doesn’t matter. But it kinda felt, when i asked the time, that she just wanted an excuse to talk to me. I don’t care if that’s true, the possibility that it was made a huge difference, many months latter.

So, you see, it’s all to blame on Natalie.

There is probably no way i could ever thank her enough.

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