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There will always be Rebels. And i mean: Even if we had The Purfact Society® where everyone is as happy as they can possibly be, even then there would be someone somewhere riotously demanding — well, something, more, freedom, dada, it does not matter as long as they can demand.

From there it easily follows that his impact in the world is a secondary concern to the rebel! Maybe even: All cases of rebellion are in fact mistakes of over-reaching.

Rebellion is, more than anything else, a social positioning. The rebel does not say: “I don’t belong here!”. He says: “I want to prove my belonging through changing.”

Obviously, real change would mess up relationships of belonging, and that would be as much a problem to the rebel as to everyone else.

Furthermore, the rebel lacks a distinct perspective whereby he could imagine a different society. Thus any change he could achieve would only, in the end, reinforce the current control structure of society.

The rebel is not a world changer — in fact, the angst-morals he provides fuels the very maintenance of society that he claims to want to change.

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