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The pecking order might be actually weakly correlated to power to change society. This is very counter intuitive, because a pecking order is by definition an expression of power within society.

Put it this way: being atop the pecking order gives you the power to impede anyone to peck on you, but it also makes you the less credible source for a plea against pecking.

To grasp the full effect of this observation we have to extrapolate it away from birds, into our own society: If you are President, no one will believe you when you say that Presidentialism isn’t so great. But maybe the same holds true to any change to the lifestyle of your society. You have maximum power within society, but no way to change it.

Thus, i would say that rising in the Pecking Order is an energy-inefficient way to reform society.

This sugests a strategy to culture changes that is the opposite of the one usually employed. Instead of grab the power than change, it would be change and beware the power relations that this will stir. Weird, maybe, but not totally unprecedent: Jesus had some impact doing almost that.

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  1. Just posted that from SWU…

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