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  • 3x Buenos Aires
  • 1x Caxambú
  • 1x Chile, Peru, Bolívia
  • 4x carnaval
  • x33~ various student meetings
  • 19x moved
  • 6x lived in different cities
  • 2x Universo Paralello
  • 1x parents divorced
  • 2x slept in public bathroom
  • 6x read God Emperor of Dune
  • 1x read Derrida
  • 2x bikes
  • 1x created my own font
  • 3x starred on home-made movies
  • 1x was told love isn’t that hard
  • 1x was told love isn’t that easy
  • 1x wanted to marry
  • 1x wanted to have a child (different girls, though)
  • 1x threesome
  • 3x surgery
  • 10x had a new computer
  • 18x created a revolutionary fanzine
  • 1x overturned a car
  • 6x months as workman on a pasta factory
  • 524x heard the “it’s time to get a job” talk
  • 1x dressed as Caboclo de Lança
  • 1x achieved yellow belt in karate
  • 1x deep meaningful religious experience
  • 2x thrown out of home
  • 2x lost an important relative
  • 1x fasted for 3 days
  • 1x used San Pedro
  • 0.0855481x wrote everything i have to say

(To be updated…)


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