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A girl at the Vagalume party had a tattoo of the Trump number 2: The High Priestess. And i meant to ask her “are you a priestess?”, but in portuguese it sounded a lot like “do you fancy yourself a priestess?”, in a derisive manner, but that is not what i meant, what i meant is….

A priest, in our landscape, is a person who runs a church. We expect from him spiritual leadership. And that seems to involve more administrative matters than anything properly spiritual. Counsel miss H about her problems. Preach about how wrong are the youngsters’ ways. Even do balance the church’s bills. And let’s say nothing of this stupid prejudice against female priestesses.

I didn’t want to know if that girl was any of that.

In Greek a priest or priestess could sometimes be called a psychopomp. This means guide of souls, someone who takes the soul where it must go. I always think of the old man on the boat to Tartarus whom you must pay with a coin.

He is the one who will show you which is the place you have to go, true, and in that he remembers our spiritual leader, someone who decrees places for the dead to go, orders for our souls to follow. But actually he isn’t. That souls must go to Tartarus was someone else’s invention. That guy only took you across the river. He carried you where you could not go by yourself — or maybe you even could cross the river swimming but then you’d be all wet and…

Maybe we could translate psychopomp as soul-lifter, someone who gives souls a ride. We could imagine our souls as hitch-hiking across exIstenCe, not really progressing towards one goal but instead exploring and wandering. Seeing the wonders of life. Walking about. And the soul-lifter is the one who takes the soul along, turning a difficult journey for one into an interesting experience for both.

My priestess then would be someone who nods you into remembering that life itself is spiritual. That you don’t need to be in a church to look for deep meaning. That true happiness is the higher of the sacred things. Someone who shows you that you could save a lot of energy by just not complaining. Someone who tells you that drugs are a form of self-knowledge, besides (and much more) than a form of entertainment. Someone who helps you see the light for yourself.

My priestess would be someone who makes your life just a little bit more magic.

So, are you a priestess?


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