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It’s tacky, but i love it. Found on one of those blogs, something that crawled unnoticed into my gReader from somewhere. [Some editing involved…] A group of students go visit a professor, he comes from the kitchen with assorted cups of coke, and after everyone has taken one, he gets the left over, ugly, uncool, last picked glass, and says: “Why did you all go straight for the colourful stylish glasses, when it was the ugly one the only where i did pour some ice?”. As in, you know, do not judge a book by the cover. But the thing is, it is a good message, if only you can realize that it must be applied in a multitude of different levels. If you just get a little more inclusive with good books having bad covers, this fable is probably not making you much good. The general principle here must be applied very, but very, deep. As in you must make “disregard the unimportant” so much a second nature that you actually disregard almost everything that people are running after — in fact, you disregard almost everything PERIOD. But maybe i am just a fool.


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