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Before you can run, gotta learn to walk. Before you teach a baby how to be human, first gotta teach him to be. Before philosophizing, you gotta live.

Living, indeed, is no small achievement, and a good life demands effort, some pain, and maturity.

Quite a few philosophers have proposed ethics that were «users guide to life» of sorts, usually basing those on some underlying system of philosophy, which generally speaking is not a bad thing, but maybe they forgot to tell you: One’s philosophy is a consequence of one’s ways of life, not the other way round.

Obviously, those 2 things correlate and feedback endlessly, so it is not precise to say philosophy is based on life, but it kinda conveys the feeling

The point being: without facing your fears, you’ll not grasp relativism. You might even understand it, but you won’t be able to make it resonate within you, and so you will not like it (which also has the side effect of you thinking it is wrong, but this is vastly immaterial).

The catch being that, once we managed to diminish the ordinariness of life to an amount reasonable enough, only philosophy gives us the leverage to see beyond mere living better.

Which in the end means we need scary philosophy in order to achieve a likeable philosophy. Which seems hopeless. But come on, people, take the first step, i cannot do it for you!


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