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It turns out today is Ada Lovelace Day. This means that we are supposed to post something about a woman we admire in science and tech. Like a day to disclose who are our heroines. I’ve seen it back at 2D Goggles, which in and of itself is super duper worth of being mentioned! I mean, come on, the Differential Engine fighting crime! You can’t get much better than that! So much so that there is no much i can say that would make it any better, so: ME BIG FAN!

So, as it is a very appropriate day, i would like to dedicate my Ada Lovelace Day to a very good friend of mine who is about to get her Masters’ degree (on the 31th!). Everybody, please welcome:

Suelen Caviquiolo!

I will not describe all her qualities and why she is so super-cool it hurts, mostly because i want to try to avoid sounding like i am hitting on her. But, one way or the other, i am pretty sure she serves as a role model, inspiring her female friends to go after their ideals, i’ve heard more than one girl imply that. She is currently researching the relationship between technology and society, and we need to understand that one, urgently. So, yes, i think she is a perfect fit for Ada Lovelace Day! Check her out on twitter, and then go to her flickr too, it is awesome!

So that’s it! Su, congratulations or something like it! But… i just can’t resist. Now i started, i just need to talk about other women that are just overly awesome. First danah boyd, because she is so in the right side of the force, because she just knows this many-2-many stuff more than all the other folks that are trying to look like they do. Then there is Brenda Laurel, who wrote the only book about HCI which makes you think. I also like a lot N Pepperel from RoughtTheory, because she has the guts (and the stamina) to go against the usual reading of a very, very encrusted way of understanding the world. And last but not least, i love Olivia Judson for being the first person i’ve seen to treat Bateman’s Principle for what it is: pure bullshyt.

As a last remark: the ethos of the day is to spend a little time thinking about girls that can remember us that they don’t need to be hot to be great, but, to me, they are hot because they are so great!


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