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#1. Do not change the world. Incremental changes always lead to the same old. Create anew.

#2. Do not think big. The true tools and values of any given society are not in its macrostructures, but instead in the day to day social affairs. Focus on the mechanics of living.

#3. Avoid transitions. They hide the false assumption that perfection will arrive some day. Turn fresh beginnings into a habit.

#4. Avoid values at all costs. All social movements led by values and morality derail into dogmatism. Base your actions into ideas that you can turn into metrics.

#5. Assume misunderstandings. Negotiation is not an exception, needed only in problem situations. Negotiations are the centre of society.

#6. Accept violence. Society is not a means to stop us from killing each other, but a better control mechanism for our killing abilities. Learn to use violence consciously.

#7. Be beautiful. Be strong. Be happy. YOU ARE THE WORLD.


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