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I`ll easily admit that i make too much out of coincidences, and i talk about them all the time, and this might bogus the most striclty scientietifically inclined of my readers, i’ll even admit it sometimes sounds a little too fairy-dusty to meselfe, but i came sometime ago to a realization about synchronicity that can make it look extremely reasonable.

Sinchronicity only means that every ocasion is an opportunity to learn.

Simple, ey? And you thinking it was some mystical mumbo-jumbo…

Things are happening all the time, all around us, in orders and patterns that are by definition too complex to be fully grasped, but that can be explored and reasoned about. Causality is just a bad trip, because strictly speaking everything has infinite causes and infinite consequences. So synchronicity is just the realization that we do not need to restrict our pattern searching capabilities to just certain domains of our experiences.

Synchronicity is seen as superstition because it is too liberal about accepting experiences as meaningful. But if we accept correlation as valid data instead of demanding utter truths from everything, then there is no need to discard automatically weak correlations, and no reason to not use them as clues to search for bigger patterns.

In other words, as much as i would also hardly trust someone who said bog loves him because the light turned green exactly when he arrived at it, i do not think it is a bad idea to pay attention to the timing of traffic lights.

The classical example of synchronicity (or more precisely the first time i came across the idea) is John Constantine in Books of Magic, who can just walk around and he happens to be at the exact precise spot that, for example, the girl in customs will forget to inspect him and he can just walk around as if no restrictions aplyed to him. This sounds bogus (though we must remember it is Constantine we’re talking about…). But if you adopt the simple expedient of turning every time the light closes (assuming you want to go somewhere that is not straight), the result is you can be walking almost all the time and waiting almost no time. Synchronicity!

And after some time, you begin to be able to read the rythm of the lights, so that you almost effortlessly choose the correct pace to walk and path to take that your way will be as direct as Constantine. OK, not as much, but say closer to it ;-)

It just means that you take everything as an opportunity to learn. If the traffic light turns red to you, it is an opportunity to learn more about the city rythm, or about that gorgeous girl in the other side of the street.

Obviously it kinda undermines the whole realist agenda, but who cares about realists?


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