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I met a girl called Amanda Oldring, and she wrote me something in my travelbook that i have been reading and rereading over and over again. So i thought maybe others could like it too. I asked for permission, and she never answered, so maybe in a few days that will disappear, but then again there is always Google’s cache. Consider this the first “guest post” in this blog!

The hardest cages to unlock are the ones we build inside ourselves. Freedom is the route achieved by sacrificing security, and can only be hard-won within the self. The key to escape entrapment, then, is enpowerment, the key to isolation is genuine connection. When we know ourselves, and love ourselves, we experience freedom in moments, despite wordly ties. In these moments, we cast a circle that draws others into us — and through this we achieve connection.

Love — Breath — Connect — Grow — Accept

with all in life.

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