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Some of them want to be abused, and i do not feel like abusing no one. Maybe that’s why i feel better travelling, as i am supposed to be in a fragile position, then people do not expect me to be abusive, to distribute my violence around, and this makes it more natural to me to just be relational instead of hierarchical. It is not that i don’t want to be the boss, i recognize how selfish and simplistic this is, it is just that i instinctively value exchanging more than taking. It is an heuristic, it is not a final truth, i want to point — but that is just how i roll, mothafuqua.

Anyways, travel news: found the Island, lost myself, finally learned to appreciate Chilean female beauty (and now all of them seem gorgeous), two Alexandras, lots and lots of coincidences still, some time to think but maybe not enough.



  1. Fantastic: it’s “more natural to me to just be relational instead of hierarchical”. Probably I’ll think about it for several days. Sounds pretty good, seems to summarize a lot of other not-well-organized thoughts about hating “routines”.

  2. I love how the way you quote makes my unstructured stream of consciousness sound like an aphorism. Maybe i’ll even transplant it into an “APHORISMS” post, someday. The connection between “violence” and “routine”, on the other hand, was not implied but i will, by my turn, have to chew over that for several days. And maybe someday i’ll write a blog post about that, long before i forget that it was your idea, and be pretty self-satisfied about my own genious in seing that subtle conection hahahahaha. Or maybe jajajajaja. Good to hear from you man, miss ya, keep the strength always! There will never ever be a way that i can possibly thank you enough for making me begin this trip. Really. Best birthday present ever.

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