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If P. ever reads my blog, there was a point in the night, near the end, where the DJ played a music for her: “Why do you want to talk about me? Tell me why. Tell me why.Why do you want to talk about me? Tell me why. Tell me why.”

And on we go to another travel-log-style blog post. Anyway, to contextualize, i’m amidst a big travel, right now in Buenos Aires heading to Chile, and the Atacama. This trip has been literally filled to the brink with all the weirdest coincidences, bordering the spooky sometimes (i’ll try to make a list of the coincidences to Nicole, as soon as i can). It is also a consolidation time in my life, where i am taking hold of my own me. Or whatever. But i have just returned from a very strange night out and would like to tell this story for you (for purely narcissistic reasons).

Well, we were supposed to go to a bolichevery near the hostel, but as i arrived everyone was sleeping — i actually thought they were not here. When we finally went there, the guy at the door would not let me in because my clothes were inappropriate. I urged everyone else in and went back to the hostel to actually change into a full suit (except for the tie), but the guy still did not let me in! Unable to talk to everyone inside, i just went around San Telmo with the Austrian guy, but for the first time ever (sort of) San Telmo let me down, so i was almost inclined to go to bed, but the i-ching actually came up with the hexagram 39 lines 5 and six, which actually spell out like this:

This refers to a man who has already left the world and its tumult behind him. When the time of obstructions arrives, it might seem that the simplest thing for him to do would be to turn his back upon the world and take refuge in the beyond. But this road is barred to him. He must not seek his own salvation and abandon the world to its adversity. Duty calls him back once more into the turmoil of life.

And i was, like, oh man, my moves are needed at the dance floor! The spookest thing is that, but hours before, it had come with the exact same hexagram for my train trip (but i’ll get to it). Rarely if ever the i-ching feels so direct, so, well, i do not like to ignore coincidences, it is just not a good policy, so what i end up doing is: i put up an actual tie, go back there, and now everyone is just going out of the bar. I ask a girl were everyone is going and she says Bahrein. So, well, i went to Bahrein.

Problem is, i still had my full suit on and i had only 40 pesos with me, which happen to be the exact price of entrance, so i had no money for the cloak room. Poor boy, alone in a strange place, unable to find his friends, with nothing to drink (except for the Fernet Cola that was part of the entrance), hot as hell. But then the beats started to kick.

At first i had the impression the music was not going to be very good, but pretty soon i was dancing furiously. Eletronic music sometimes just drives me, i can’t control. I even had to concede that they were approaching 0,925 UP! (Thought the second DJ had an inconsistent 0,68). And the lights were amazing, they have a kind of RGB strobo which makes everything look like an old-style 3D book, and dancing near the LEDs was also amazing, and the guy mixed Call Me by, what is that? Blondie?

I began dancing with all my clothes on, but pretty soon i had the coat and the shirt tied around my waist, and after that i just left it hanging at a rail and that was it. As it probably could not be avoided, many annoying people sat om my clothes, but whatever.

All the fags in the place were after me. Sometimes they were way too overt to my taste. There were even some barangas after me, to tell the truth. And i had an inverse Cheiro do Ralo moment. And it was all good, except that it ended.

After what i’m guessing was more than 3 hours of dancing, the DJ finished with a Every Breath You Take remix. Getting out, it was already clear day, and i head straight to the Train station. But the train i wanted was already sold out! I didn’t know this weekend is an extended weekend, up until Kelly told me, so… I don’t exactly know what i’m gonna do, but hexagram 39 does not talk about hasty decisions, so let me think.

After that, subte and it was fun seeing lots of people meeting there after the night out. Hostel, sweet home, a blog post to wait while they finish serving breakfast, and now i’m over for my poor frail body craves glucose!

[1] an UP is an standard unit of measure for the quality of eletronic music, which stands for the quality you find at Universo Paralello. It is always a number between 0 and 1 — 1 being UP itself, for it does not get any better than that. Maybe you could say that some specific sets during UP are so good that they actually go beyond the standard, but such sacred things should not be measured.


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