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Yesterday i went to XXXperience Curitiba, and, confirming my theory, inevitably the people high on acid are drawn to me. Anyways, at a certain point i was sitting on the grass, so tired, and a girl named Milena (which incidentally has two good friends) sat by my side while having a bad trip. I like to believe that the few words i had to offer her were of some help, but one never knows. She and her friends were very kind (L even said i was very funny, and as a few people know, being funny is one of the few things i would like to but can’t, so he had me right there), and in their honour i will heretofore teach you all how to deal with bad trips.

First, Mi, you did it wrong. While you were having your bad trip, you were, all the time, wishing it to go away. “Please make it stop, please make it stop!” A bad trip is like a journey through the darker side of your soul, to keep wishing it to go away is like going trough the voyage with your eyes closed.

You will not see how it is. You will not learn how your own shadows are. And you will never be able to use it, which is to say, you will keep being used by it.

So, when you are having a bad trip, open your eyes. Both literally and metaphorically. Pay attention, let yourself feel whatever you are feeling.

To be completely straightforward about that, opening your eyes will make it more painful. It will be, on the whole, a more difficult experience. But when it is over you will understand why i give this one piece of advice. Also, if you have the courage to do it, the experience will probably take a shorter time to unfold, and will be less likely to happen again.

The dark side of ourselves is also the one we have the most difficulty reaching, and so being taken through a short cut directly to the den of the dragon, even if you are not going there by your own will, and even if you are not in the best possible shape to be learning much anything, is a precious experience.

It is painful, but it is precious.

You will be a strongerbeautyful person after.


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