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Since this is the 300th post in my blog ever, at least that being what WordPress tells me, let’s be all cheery and hopeful and optimistic and go a little utopian and say what to do to make the world minimally decent.

As i am here, disposed to talk about “solutions”, it must be said that NO, the world does not resemble a maths test which should be “solved”, it does not need solutions and if none of that happens, nor other ameliorating things, similar or dissimilar, the world will be just a-OK, the world will not end of disintegrate or die. The world will just go on, keeping up the eternal so-so. And the world does not need any better than so-so, that’s the thing.

That said, if we hypothetically wanted to go anywhere better than so-so, we would need 3 remedies to our uncountable illnesses:

  • promiscuity
  • delinquency
  • piracy

First, promiscuity, because it hits where it hurts. How much sex are you getting? Who is fucking who? With promiscuity, all the surrogate means that people use to get to sex — money, cars, safety, style, ideologies, poetry, staged aggression, gossip — all those surrogate means lose their strategic importance. They can still be used, and they still lead to sex, but as there is no monopoly the margins for negotiating are widened.

Obviously, promiscuity does not change our world, it does not really get us “back to basics”. People will still abuse money and aggression and so on. But it allows us to discard the overcomplication. It allows us to cut the cruft and deal with what matters. It makes the gambles easier to call. It speeds the process.

Ask yourself: the people you see around in the street driving big cars, would they still have the same expensive things if they weren’t trying to prove themselves “worthy of getting some”? Or if there is always someone poorer than anyone that are still living more than our ancestors did, why do people live in the very border of “what they can afford”, why people still spend most of what they get and not a fraction, leaving some spare “just in case”? Wouldn’t it all make sense if instead of spending in order to get the things they want, their objectives where actually to show that they can spend a lot?

Promiscuity makes things simpler. But it is not enough.

Because not only human-things have this craving for sex, they also have a craving to make their sons have as much sex as possible. So, even with promiscuity diminishing the incentive to behave like a fuckard, they still have the incentive to make their kids into fuckards which is the same problem, actually.

For that, we need to communize children education. To make younglings learn in a group environment, where as much information is provided for them as they need, where they don’t lose their time with dated curricula and instead focus on real-life subjects. And, for that, what could be best than good-old time-tested youth delinquency?

Our model, our archetype for the thing certainly would be Fabled Sparta groups of young living together by their own means. Obviously that wouldn’t exactly work, so we should try and find a middle term, something that combines this group-ethos with discipline with modern technology with contemporary martial arts. The details are still sketchy, but obviously the room for development this idea creates should be immediately obvious.

As any pathway that involves smarting, this one proposal will certainly liberate some amount of volatility in society. Things could go boom. And the way to deal with that is piracy. Piracy controls the risk of explosiveness because it strongly penalizes anyone who does not keep up to date with current developments, therefore diminishing the power contrasts.

Not only that, piracy also has a positive incentive to thinking and technology — because in an unruly environment any approach that can get you a better cost-benefit ration represents a huge advantage. If you can do the unexpected, you can stay abreast of the dangers.

I am not offering here a “recipe” type thing. Any formulaic approach to a systemic issue like the future of society is bound to be broken. I am offering just the hints of what are the directions we must pursue.

And issuing an Request For Comments.


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