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My favourite food EVER EVER is Zit’s chop. Except, well, Zits do not exist. I can’t even really tell you they are animals from which you could take a chop.

Does that sound dumb? Try to ignore that i can’t know how they taste if i never eat one, just assume they really are my favourite thing to eat, and tell me: am i going for a pleasurable culinary life from now on?

Nevertheless, we do just that with love. There’s a massive amount of evidence that “love” is not something that exists, like, say, water or apples. Or pork chops. Love is (at best) a complex of psychological reactions, social customs, economic considerations, personal expectations — a complex that will almost certainly mean something different to the person with which you spend most of your life.

So, can you have love? Of course you can call love to lots of things that you have, but you cant have it as “something that will make your whole life worthwhile”. The question of what is important in life remains difficult no matter what you choose to call love. So “searching for love” does not make your life any easier.

I have for a number of times believed myself to be in love, and i do not think any of them was a mistake, and i do not think my life would be better without them, mind you.

I just think it is stupid the way we put love in a pedestal.


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