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Last time i went to the sea i had this strange impression that i could actually see a faint curve in the horizon. I explained it away to myself as one of my everything-is-relative-and-look-how-bright-i-am-for-seeing-it fancies. But being at Luigi’s (who both lives at the 18th floor and has a half-meter long ruler) and being unable to sleep, it occurred to me to actually check to see what happens when you put a ruler against the horizon and the results kind of amazed me. But i am not at sea and my horizon does probably not resemble very much a “natural” earth-shape, so i am very, very curious as to what exactly happens there. So that is the exercise for today: head out to the sea with as big a transparent ruler as you can find and check out the maritime skyline. Don’t forget to tell me what you find.

The catch obviously being that, if you can actually show the horizon to be round, then those 200 years of confusion about the earth being flat or round — many times put forth as the prime example of humanity’s genius — would be naught but foolishness! I mean, why argue if you can look out and see for yourself?


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