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I said to Raiders that i just do not propose the creation of something better than the juridical system because any system like that would take many years to be stabilized, many more than i wish to live. He was somewhat startled that i would care only for what i could feel, but not only i do, i also do it as a matter of principle and think you should too.

The reason for that is: whatever it might be that moves us, that makes us wake up every morning in spite of the boredom of life, we do not know whether this force is caring or selfish. That is, maybe we are selfish and we can’t know for sure — though please notice that this goes both ways.

And besides, in this world, much more evil has been practised by the ones who believed themselves good than by any other kind of people.

So you should care only about what you feel, because then we avoid this tendency that morality has of bringing calamity about.

But maybe what i really mean by that can only be understood by a response i only could put into words later. Raiders said that if i only cared about what i feel, that i would not care about what will happen for my sons and about what they will feel.

But that is mixing two completely different things! What will happen to my kids (i care about that) is very different from what they will feel (about that i don’t give a shit).

That my kids would have a better life is, in itself, not actually a fact, but only a probability (eg., i might not have kids), but this is a strategic condition — something real that i can feel myself, directly. It’s not their future, realy, but what i can know about their future now. But this is something i feel.

Say for example that i knew exactly how to make (yet another) Utopia, But that it would take 300 years. If in this Utopia my children would be just a few more Jane (or John) Does, it wouldn’t make any difference to me, even if their brains would be embeded on ecstasy. If we were talking about their chance of survival things would be different.

It’s not that you should not care about uther people’s feelings, but you should care about them just as much as they are part of your own life.


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