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The problem with “philosophy for the rest of us” is that every philosopher, without exception, wanted to do it. And the most arcane guys are probably the ones who wanted it the most! Not because they were naive, mind you, but because complexity can be tricky…

Me too, once, maybe for quite some time actually, believed in that pipe dream that, ya’ know, ideas are cool and they are what set me free, so in the perfect world™ everyone should have ’em.

But if you follow this path too eagerly, you’ll end up trying to explain the obvious to people. You start just being “eager to share those sooo cool ideas that you read on somewhere” and then you realize that you also have to say why they are cool and then you begin giving them a bit of the context so that they can better grasp the depth here and then you realize that maybe you could try to break down thoughts into sub-thoughts and by this point you are so completely swamped into the self-help shit that you don’t even realize that you used to have some deep and worthwhile ideas before.

Though i still kinda stand for the value judgement embedded there, that ideas are cool, now i realise the consequences are different. I believe ideas are cheap and available to anyone around (and i mean before new media — for not a lot of people have net), and i guess this is the perfect world. The problem is: people do not want ideas.

Ideas can only make you free in as much as you want to set yourself free — which not many want, and it’s OK really, freedom too is a collective thing and your impact on the average freedomness is not diminished if no one seems to understand what you say — or even try!

That is NOT why popular philosophy is fool’s gold. That is why you shouldn’t care.

The reason that “pop-philosophy” is a waste of time is: people actually do not understand what they think they understand. For the most part it’s like conditioning a kid to draw the letter “A” like a girls face and think it understood what language is all about. He didn’t. He didn’t even grasp it is a “letter”. He does not care about language.

In the same vein, you did NOT grasp Nietzsche when you read him, or Toffler — or Doctor Seuss for that matter. Those where mind exercises, good ones at that, but understanding is way overrated.

So what happens is (if you care, make the connection yourself) if you love the others better than you love freedom, you’ll end up mixing the correction of their errors with your ideas (themselves error corrections) and the intersection of patterns makes the complications explode — which in turn make you less understandable by “the masses” — remembering, that is, that such a beast is purely folkloric…


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