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Most of the time you see someone complaining that the State is too big, it’s business people whining about taxes. They don’t care about autonomy or efficiency or freedom or the will of the people or legitimacy or fairness or anything else besides their account books. They are mindless black-ink seekers, and just like a salesman will even discuss quantum physics if it makes you buy their snake-oil-something, so will the marketplace-minded businessman argue over things that are completely beyond their comprehension or interest if it helps keep deficit at bay. No more proof should be needed than the incongruence of someone defending a minimal State and at the same time opposing anarchy (for then they would have to collect their own garbage which is even more expensive than taxes). But that is ok, businesspeople are whiners. Everybody knows they are whiners. They are the kind of people that derive so much pleasure out of extorting you a 10 cents discount that they forget they spent half an hour bargaining for it. So their annoyance is easy to ignore. What really sucks is when someone uses this whining to camouflage a biased ideology, like Milton Friedman did. His agenda was never (well, ok, i’ll admit that maybe he wasn’t sincere about this even to himself, but the effect is the same) never about economic efficiency, but exclusively anti-hitlerist. He was so much against Hitler’s way of governing that he was willing to throw the baby with the bath water, following the rationale that no one can govern like Hitler without governing, so reacting rabidly against the weakest mention of “State” would seem to forward his agenda with the added benefit of being hard to be pinpointed as opposition. But the cost is way too high — it costs our correct understanding of the world.


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