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The best thing about Brazil is that it is so loser. So.

No, seriously. Think about something that Brazil is the best. Try to find it. There is none!

Which, well, at least IM(NS)HO, is great, by the way. But let me elaborate.

The first thing you all thought about, certainly, would have been either soccer or the rainforest. Soccer, well, true, we have lots of titles, but… where do the best players play? In Europe. Every last one of them (except the ones who went to Japan). And, by the way, even if the athletes did not go away, having that as a “win” for Brazil would be almost a losing, for the players are all stupid. Shallow, materialistic, simpletons. No kind of human being you want to be seen with. Really.

And the nature? This is even better, for the only reason our country has the biggest amount of forest is actually a failure to tap the resources. It was a very very big extension of land, and we were not competent enough to develop it.

We have a hell of a culture (i mean, music and stuff), but we can never assert it against others. A hell of a potential, but we never do anything with it. We actually have everything but we remain stubbornly and insistently mediocre.

Isn’t it awesome?

I really mean it. Awesome. The whole manifested destiny and national pride and respect for the founders and glorious origins thing is just… Boring.

Being a loser nation means that we do our thing the way we want it. If the other guys are competing to see who is bigger, who gets the most medals, or the most bombs, or the most whatever it is… Good for them. Brazil is not concerned. We lay down on our nets and mind our own lives. And gossip a lot about all of them. Brazil doesn’t even waste it’s time pretending to be cool while it’s at it.

Loser and loving it. At least, i know i am. Hopefully the rest of the nation will see the light.


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