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How the hell do you conclude all sorts of things about the life of a man without ever talking to him? That’s how i felt after watching “Into the Wild“, a beautiful movie, but in the end i think it talks more about the journalist that wrote the book than about the main character — Alex Supertramp.

Namely, according to the movie, Chris/Alex was just running away from his parents. You almost come to believe that [SPOILER WARNING, SPOILER WARNING!] if he had escaped from the flooded river he would head straight back home and give his parents muchas hugs.

I do not think he was attempting to deny his parents. I think he just didn’t care about them. I don’t think he believed his parents wrong, i just think he saw that he had nothing at stake in the life his parents had. He wasn’t involved. He didn’t have to be.

Life was probably much harder to him in the parts the movie makes it seem easy, and probably not so hard when it is all dramatic.

And the guy was brilliant. Very, very brilliant. For a city boy to go out and live from the land on his own amidst this fenced and exploited world, he probably had to learn much, much more than it seems in the movie.

I loved the movie. It is certainly a violence against the true story, but the story is so endearing that it shines through. The boy certainly was a mighty mighty good talk, if i ever had the chance to meet him for a beer. A shame.


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