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Have i ever mentioned that i love drugs? Rigth now i am in love with Frixopel, supposedly a brand-less kind of Gelol, a painkiller gel of sorts, for it made my wryneck liveable. Which brings to mind, if anyone reading this blog wants to know about “how i am”: in bad shape.

My neck hurts (have i mentioned it yet?). My eyes are having a lot of difficulty focusing on far things, probably due to too much time spent indoors, my penis developed a small (but to me very disquieting, no matter what the urologist said) bump, i have mycosis on my crotch, my teeth are in bad shape (though i did expect them to have been worse), i am having problems to sleep well, i’ve been grinding my teeth. My ADD and hyperactivity are worse than ever. And, notwithstanding all that, i am not feeding and drinking water adequately.

Thank godz i have not turned to hypochondria yet.


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