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They say (“They say a lot, don’t they?”) that Capitalism is inevitable, that it is everywhere and will not go away. They even say “human nature is capitalist”. What do you do when faced with such bullshit?

To spell it out: every society has an economy, yes, but that only means that for example they keep stocks of food or clothes and such. Even societies without money have economies.

Economy is just a way to study society.

Capitalism is a system of production, a whole different story. If you don’t see the difference you gotta study more — at least if you want to continue dumping that garbage about “how capitalism is evil” in innocent (mine) ears.



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    • Posted 2010, 276/365, Monday at ~10
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    economy this, economy that…. well, I do believe I’ve discovered the solution (the problem).

  1. so what is it?

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