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As i was talking to my cousin Carlos (damned KDE apologists:-) he was on and on about “the incentives” of that and this, and i asked him exactly what the hell an incentive was, not as the word but i was getting the inkling that it was a central concept in economics (which is his formation) but his answer did not really go into my mind, i guess he gave an answer correct for an test in Economics 101 but definitely not to me it wasn’t, but anyway his general approach to the idea certainly gave me lots to think about, and it is still bouncing into my head, anyways. The thing is, today i decided to wikipedia it, i just wrote not really hoping for too much, but, well, you know, wikipedia “rulez absurd”, doesn’t it? So, look at that: an incentive is any factor that enables or motivates a given action. The “enables” there is so revealing! The incentive is not just, like, a bribe you pay to make the guy do what you want, but general (sometimes very general indeed, from what i get) circumstances that can propitiate a given outcome. Definitely a concept that can feed a flourish on ways of thinking… (Or shall we say incentive?) — Either way i definitely gotta dig more on that wikipage…


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