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It might be that male and female humans suffer different selection pressures and therefore they have different “natures” or tendencies or whatever. It might be. On the other hand, it seems that of all the selection pressures that human beings are subjected to, the strongest by a long long margin is selection to adaptability. That means: much more important for me as part of an Homo sapiens sapiens lineage than being strong or fast or resistant to cold or warmth or being smart or anything else for that matter, more important than any of those things is that i am able to adapt to whatever conditions i happen to be thrown at. If this is so, even if males and females are subjected to different selection pressures, in the end those differences will amount to much less than the adaptability of individuals, which include the adaptability do different “gender roles”. That is, even if there are “natural” gender dispositions they are weaker than the human capacity to act in ways different than those conjectural basic behaviour modes.

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