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Oh, yeah, finally the fifth season is upon us! It has been a long wait!

I’m just saying it, but… the flaming arrows? Shot by the Egyptian guys.

Finally we are going somewhere. Though i expected more of the “saving the world” stuff, i am very excited about the whole shebang. I loved Faraday’s outgoing attitude, i loved ms. Hawking appearance, i loved Hurley running away from Ben (even though he shouldn’t have), i reaaaally appreciate they have gone with the “changing the past simply will not work, you are wasting your time” thing.

I did dislike Sun’s scene, though, maybe she is hiding something but it all went too artificial to me. Anyway, i DO think she is hiding something. I actually at first thought she wanted Aaron, but seeing that she didn’t take him on the boat, like before the lying started… But maybe this is just because it wouldn’t make sense to have a blonde baby from an oriental woman. Sayid going against Ben is pretty much… silly to me. Maybe he did find out about his wife? Or he simply does not want to go back to the island AT ALL?

Another thing that pisses me off is how much those people became killing machines. Man, there are better ways to deal with any thing than a shooting spree. There has to be!

The whole — moving the Island ends up putting everyone into the Desmond-like “I need a constant” state — is brilliant, in the how-the-hell-didn’t-i-see-it-coming way. In retrospect it seems obvious, but it is also fraught with so many problems that i think few people actually ventured that guess in the past.

Certainly, the Losties have to go back to the Island to serve as “constants” of sorts to their pals. But seeing that A) the Others didn’t time-skip and B) they didn’t anticipate that Locke would, most likely the helicopter was expected to still be “inside the radius” — or else Alpert would do the whole “rushed explanation” thing before Locke got shot. Now what does not fit very much is: how much of that was planned? Didn’t Jacob (or Ben) know what was going to happen to them?

(And in both cases: why don’t Ben explain it to Jack, since they have their pendulums and equations?)

Maybe it was calculated that the O6 escape so that they can come back and experience the whole “Look ma, I am a Constant” thing.

What have the three Freighter-lies to do with all that? Will Frank have to come back to be their constant? If the whole constant thing is collective, why the Freighter-lies are synced with the Losties?

OK, so i can’t really explain what does not fit. But there is some point in that line that is kinda out of order.

Many people are talking about Chang’s sun being Miles, which would make too many people “born on the Island”, too much to my taste. Even more because…

I imagined that maybe the Faraday in the past would be the original, but seeing that he reveals things to Pierre “Candle” “Waxman” Chang, he will definitely have to travel back. How, exactly? I am guessing it will have something to do with the whole “time-skipping” thing, like just before he is “de-skipped” he can like go places.

It is also what i am guessing the whole “phantoms” thing is: when people die, the “your life flashes before your eyes” thing is actually you have an instant of time-skipping, like, everyone time-skips when they die, so given an big enough energy amount they can appear to other people. And maybe some people (Hurley) are more sensitive than others.

Also, Hurley is the man. He can see Jacob.

Also also, i am guessing Jacob is someone we know, just dead and ghost-appearing. At first i really guessed it was Locke, now dead. But, you know, i keep remembering Jacob and James are the same names. Maybe Jack, Sawyer and Kate all go back to the past, James goes to the Cabin and the other two go to the caves. But anyway Jack and John are also the same name…

And the best quote from Lost ever, from Carmen “Hurley’s Ma” Reyes:

I Believe you. I do NOT understand you, but I believe you!

So, as you can see, that’s all a big rambling and not really me doing many predictions, like when i talked about season 4… I liked the premier and just thought i would blurt a bit about it.


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  1. Ah, and about Danielle not recognizing Jin, the explanation i would prefer is: she does recognize him, but she also does recognize the others — they where copied by the monster, which in turn appeared to her, so it is not that she does not recognize Jin, but just that she is not sure which is Jin and which is the monster.

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