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In a very, very idiotic interview, something dealing with a self-proclaimed “different” Masters Course in Design, after dumping most of the old and tired design sales-pitch, as if had not yet been enough, the interviewer comes up with that one:

You often hear people say “I could have designed that!” about simple yet ingenious things, like the Post-It note. Many seem to have the impression that design is very easy, but the abundance of bad design out there demonstrates that it’s not. What about design do you think makes people believe that it’s something that anyone can do?

Isn’t it obvious? Everyone thinks they can do great design because they can. It is not doing good design that is difficult, the real tricky part is avoiding doing bad designs. The overall quality of design is much more important than it’s peaks, and mixing good with bad design simply doesn’t do the trick.

Or as Alan Perlis says: The programmer must seek both perfection of part and adequacy of collection.

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