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Picture in your head the whole of your experience. Imagine a vast field, where each point in the landscape is an experience you had. Where each particular configuration of retinal stimulus is a place, each sound a turn, a smell a mound. Every experience you ever had placed in this field, into a continuum, into an continuously expanding space.

Now think about the gaps in this field.

Can you see the long narrow strained dark canyons that lie between what you know? The empty space between green apples and red ones? Between apples and pears? Between smoke from a teapot and clouds? Between dogs and wolves?

Between me and you?

Can you see the fences separating the experiences into neat categories? The fences that tell you that a car is not a chariot? That tell you that theory is not practice?

Can you see who built all those fences?

Can you imagine all the things you have never seen?

Do you see the mountains in this landscape, or do you see the valleys?


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